Danner Manufacturing, Inc. Pondmaster Air Pump AP100, # 04580

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Danner Manufacturing Inc Pondmaster Air Pump Ap100 04580

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Pond aeration pumps oxygenates garden ponds for healthier fish. Aids the decomposition of fish waste. Helps prevent total icing over in the winter. Provides high volume of air flow with quiet operation. Energy efficient and easy to use. Includes air diffuser and 6-feet cord. 9150 cubic inch/minute; requires 3/4-inch inside diameter tubing (not included), 100-watts.

- Pond Aeration Pumps Oxygenates Garden Ponds For Healthier Fish; Aids The Decomposition Of Fish Waste; Helps Prevent Total Icing Over In The Winter; Provides High Volume Of Air Flow With Quiet Operation; Energy Efficient And Easy To Use; Includes Air Diffuser And 6-Feet Cord; 9150 Cubic Inch/Minute; Requires 3/4-Inch Inside Diameter Tubing (Not Included), 100-Watts
- High Volume With Steady Air Flow
- Country Of Origin: China

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DANNER MANUFACTURING 4580 reviews: Top 5 reviews in total 67 Customer reviews

  • 	Matthew 	Davis
    28 July, 2020

    Matthew Davis

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  • 	Connor 	Johnson
    29 July, 2020

    Connor Johnson

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  • 	Noah 	Anderson
    31 July, 2020

    Noah Anderson

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  • 	Xavier 	Davis
    29 July, 2020

    Xavier Davis

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

  • 	Brock 	Wilson
    02 August, 2020

    Brock Wilson

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

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